Young Learners English Programme

Cambridge English For Life Sdn. Bhd

English Language Primary
Ages 7 - 12
Ss 19, Subang Jaya

The CEFL Young Learners English Programmes are designed for children aged 7-12 and lead to a series of tests from Cambridge English Examinations that are accessible and interesting to children who may not be used to taking examinations. With no pass or fail grades, the tests provide every student with a reward for his or her efforts. These programmes are also developed to inspire and motivate young learners through fun and fascinating information about the real world, supported by National Geographic stories, images and videos. The series used is unique because it brings the real world, with all its beauty and diversity, into the English language classroom. Our young learners will be exposed to language presentations and practice , songs and games, video activities, a focus on global values, National Geographic Values and Mission pages, collaborative project work and much more throughout the course


RM 53 per lesson


Once per week


Payment method: Term basis ( 10 weeks ) Registration fee: RM 53 Duration: 2 hours Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above. Duration (1 hour assessment) * RM 37 will be charged for trial lessons (placement test). Payment to be made before the trial lesson.