Vocal lessons for Kids

Ast Music

Vocal Singing Preschoolers Primary Ast Merdeka
Ages 4 - 12
Taman Sri Rampai, Taman Sri Rampai

There’s a lot to love about singing, and plenty of benefits to it too. Singing/vocal lessons can teach you how to stand taller, speak with more confidence and really project yourself into a room. Best of all, you can take these skills with you everywhere! The most important thing you’ll take away from singing/vocal lessons is a more musical ear. Before you know it, you’ll be able to recognize individual notes, types of pitches and when someone is singing out of key.


RM 33 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method: Monthly RM130 Deposit: 1 Month Registration: RM 40 (Waived for AUGUST sign up) Class duration: 30 minutes Limited Open Day / Trial slots: Kindly book from the button above.