Violin lessons for Kids

Voices From Arts

Violin Preschoolers Primary Merdeka
Ages 5 - 12
Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Cheras

Experts agree that music is an excellent vehicle for early childhood development! Not only does music bring joy to your child, but it also helps their neural networks make connections needed for enhanced social and intellectual development. The violin is an instrument that’s more than 500 years old, and it has a lot of history and tradition to show for it. You can hear violins in plenty of music genres: Baroque, bluegrass, country, folk, rock’n’roll, jazz and classical. So no matter which music genre you enjoy, chances are there’s a part in it that can be played by a violinist. The violin is not an easy instrument to master—but for those who put in the time, it’s an incredibly rewarding musical experience.


RM 38 per lesson


Once per week


Payment method: Monthly RM150 Registration fee: Waived for EARLY sign-up. Deposit: 1 month's fee Duration: 30 minutes Class schedule: Weekdays and weekends *Kindly note that trial classes are RM 40 per class & will be waived upon class enrolments.