Veena Lessons

Sugam Karnatica

Music Classical Veena Sugam Karnatica Indian Classical
Ages 7 - 12
Seksyen 16, Petaling Jaya

Playing of Veena is different from playing it after grasping the spirit of it. If one knows this spirit the sage intends that one gets liberation without any difficulty. What is the meaning of the word ‘difficulty’? Or the words ‘without difficulty’?To attain NO MIND state, all other paths expect from a SAADHAKA (spiritual practitioner) a very vigorous discipline. During that period the Saadhaka has to experience mental and also physical difficulties. By the word difficulty (Prayaasa) the sage intends all this. Without knowing what ecstacy he gets, a Saadhaka, has to toil to attain that steadfastly.


RM 23 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method : Monthly Basis Registration Fees : RM 120 Class duration : 1 hour Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above.