Storytelling Lessons- Tell Me a Story: A Fun, Engaging Storytelling Programme

Rockstarz Performing Arts Studios

Storytelling English Preschoolers
Ages 4 - 6
Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur

This course will be instrumental in the development of young students. Joining this course will improve their enunciation, communication and self-confidence.


RM 20 per lesson


Once per week


Requirements: 1. Students must be able to read, receive and respond to instruction. 2. Be within the ages of: Group A-4-6 years old. Trial Lesson Days: Mondays 3-330pm or 5-530pm. Lesson Format: Group Lessons available. Fee: a) RM80 per month *Please take note: The fees listed above are only for beginners. Lesson fees will vary according to the grade levels. Deposit: 1 month Registration fee: RM65 per student *Follow us on Instagram: @rockstarzkualalumpur to RECEIVE RM10 off this Registration fee.