Singing Lessons- Vocal Maniacs : A Professional Vocal Training Programme

Rockstarz Performing Arts Studios

Singing Music Preschoolers Primary
Ages 4 - 12
Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur

This singing programme has been instrumental in the development of generations of our students. The students of this programme have progressed to become international performers, songwriters and versatile singers. Selected students may undertake the UK Board Examinations.


RM 50 per lesson


Once per week


Requirements: 1. Students must be able to read and sing in pitch. 2. Be within the ages of: Group A-4-6 years old Group B-8-12 years old Group C- 13-15 years old Group D- Young adults, adults and senior citizens can also realize their singing dreams. Trial Lesson Days: Mondays 3-330pm or 5-530pm. Lesson Format: Individual/Partner/Group Lessons available.*For partner or group lessons, students must be of a similar level at singing. Lesson Time: 9-10am Fee: a) Individual-RM199 per month. b) Partner- RM179 per month per student c) Group- RM159 per month per student. *Please take note: The fees listed above are only for beginners. Lesson fees will vary according to the grade levels. Deposit: 1 month Registration fee: RM65 per student *Follow us on Instagram: @rockstarzkualalumpur to RECEIVE RM10 off this Registration fee.