Private Lesson for Ballet


Ballet Dance Preschoolers Primary
Ages 3 - 12
Lebuhraya Sprint, Petaling Jaya

Ballerinas are renowned for their superhuman flexibility and strength. From contorting their bodies in varying angles to create the perfect lines, to explosive leaps high up in the air, ballet transforms its students into doing feats that they would never have thought possible. Aside from its physical benefits such as improved total body strength, body awareness, flexibility, and posture, ballet also encourages social connections with the other students and provides a platform for them to build their confidence which they can showcase at our annual dance performance. Utilising the syllabus from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), we provide private ballet classes for all ages from Baby Ballet to Adult Ballet.


RM 150 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method: Term Basis ( Depends on the package) Registration Fees: None Duration : 1 hour Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above. Class schedule : Can be arranged by appointment. (Minimum 5 lessons )