Piano Lessons

Mozart Music Studio

Music Piano
Ages 3 - 12
Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

The most talked about benefit children receive from piano lessons is that it also helps with their school lessons. Numerous studies available show children who play an instrument, score higher on both standard and spatial cognitive development tests alike. There are also findings that show kids who play piano, in particular, scored higher in math, especially on problems dealing with ratios and fractions. Learning to play the piano is hard work and takes dedication. Not only does each song mastered increase a child's self-esteem, but showcasing their newly learned talents at piano recitals can boost their self esteem as much as winning a game in a sports competition.


RM 38 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method : Monthly Registration Fee : RM 30 Deposit : 1 month fees Class duration : 40 minutes Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above.