Piano Lesson

Beethoven Music World

Piano Beethoven Music World
Ages 5 - 12
Ss 16, Subang Jaya

Piano is an excellent instrument to start off your young musician and even for adult learner. Generally, children who had started school should be able to begin their piano lesson. As for the beginner, the teacher may cover the basics of music such as note reading, major and minor scales in harmonic and melodic form, arpeggios and some simple music pieces. As for the intermediate stage, teacher may teach about topic like counterpoint, legato technique chord scales and “triadic” playing versus “modal” playing. Further more, advanced students will be learning subjects like repertoire, advanced harmony, chromaticism and composition.


RM 58 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Methods: Monthly *Registration fee for each is RM50 *All classes are by appointment basis Time : Saturday/Sunday between 10am-6pm OR Friday between 4pm-9pm Duration: 45 minutes Examination of Trinity and A.B.R.S.M are provided (with certificate)