Muay Thai-Boxing for Children

Merican Muay Thai Gym

Muay Thai Martial Arts Preschoolers Primary Indoor Sports
Ages 4 - 12
Solaris Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara

Muay Thai teaches the value of respect, Muay Thai training will emphasis the value of the instructor’s experience as well as the rights of other students to learn. This will translate into every area of your kid’s life, from the way they behave at school to the respect they show you at home. Muay Thai also teaches goal-setting. It is taught in a way that emphasizes the ability of fighters to set themselves goals. This is a life-long skill that your kid will benefit from for years to come. It will improve their ability to study at school and complete chores at home.


RM 32 per lesson


3 time(s) per week


Registration fee : RM 150 Class duration : 45 minutes Trial classes : Trial classes are available upon appointment. Kindly drop your interest at the button above. . Classes : Weekdays and weekends ( Except Sunday )