Kinder Champ

English Champ

Language English Preschoolers Toddlers
Ages 2 - 6
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

Using the acronym LEARN, our team of passionate and dedicated educators apply these five pillars of practice with the children – ‘Love’ them, ‘Explore’ with them, ‘Attend’ to their needs, ‘Respect’ them and ‘Nurture’ them. We ensure that your child settles in with ease by adopting the developmental psychological approach in respecting your child’s learning hierarchy which is to firstly meet his/her emotional and social needs. Once a child feels safe and ready to be independent, the other areas of learning will fall into place. We have a sensory room filled with exciting tools for sand play, dough play, water play, and other tactile activities whilst developing the fine motor skills, a gym room to develop vestibular, proprioception and gross motor skills, and a library filled with over 2,000 titles for children and adults to borrow home! As part of our unique curriculum, besides English, your child will also be doing music and movement by our trained music teacher using various methods such as percussions and live singing (basic keyboard classes for ages 5 and 6), speech and drama, arts and crafts, living skills, Little Scientists™, Euler Maths™, and Mandarin, and Malay language and CRETS™ brain training programme for ages 4 to 6. We also organise monthly outdoor activities, excursions, show and tell and a yearly recital where your child gets to showcase his/her talents onstage. In between the worksheets, your child will be rewarded with IQ games, puzzles and teambuilding activities to work towards being a critical thinker and a problem-solver. Be it an auditory, a visual or kinaesthetic learner, your child will reap the benefits of our multi-sensory activities.


RM 33 per lesson


5 time(s) per week


Payment Method : Monthly Registration Fee : RM 100 (Welcome gift for KiddyPass Members) Deposit : RM 650 Monthly Fee: RM650 Materials : RM 600 (bi-annual) Class duration : Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 12pm Trial classes : On appointment basis * You will need to be with your child during the appointment . All appointments are non-obligatory. Please contact us for details.