Junior English Programme

Cambridge English For Life Sdn. Bhd

Language English Preschoolers
Ages 3 - 6
Ss 19, Subang Jaya

The Junior English course, available at two levels, is specifically designed for children of ages 3-6 years, who: -May be attending nursery schools or kindergartens -May have had some exposure to English -Have not yet started compulsory schooling -May not have started to read, or -May be absolute beginners The main emphasis of the course is the adaptation of a carefully planned syllabus that encourages effective and affective language learning. The topic areas and activities have been chosen on the basis of children's development from the familiar (self, home, school) to the outside world. The syllabus includes : i) Jolly Phonics, a systematic phonics programme where they learn : * Letter sounds, letter formation, blending of letters for reading * To identify sounds in words for reading and tricky sounds ii) Welcome to Our World, a two year beginner's course that develops vocabulary, practises phonics and teaches family values, The Class Book contains vocabulary, stories, songs, games and videos that enable children to achieve the course objectives. iii) Total Physical Response (TPR) or learning through direct experience via the five senses, means getting the children to actually do or mime the action that is read and requested. For example : ~Getting the children to follow instructions in a game or craft activity ~In miming a song, rhyme or action ~In acting out a role play


RM 50 per lesson


Once per week


Payment method: Term basis ( 10 weeks ) Registration fee: RM 53 Duration: 2 hours Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above. Duration (1 hour assessment) * RM 37 will be charged for trial lessons (placement test). Payment to be made before the trial lesson.