Junior Champ

English Champ

Language English Primary
Ages 7 - 12
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

In this 2-hour session, your child will begin his/her lesson with warm-up activities using theatre games and drama. The group will then be led into a text passage which could either be narrative, descriptive, directive, expository, argumentative, or literature text. Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary activities are covered as part of the worksheet activities. On a weekly basis, your child will be given written tasks such as spelling, dictation or writing to be completed during the session or at home. Your child will also be exposed to presentation skills as he/she will be encouraged to discuss and present his/her ideas in a simulated setting amongst his/her peers. On a larger scale, your child will get a chance to present onstage in our annual recital. We are excited to share that we have just launched our Champ’s Editors Club, where your child will get to contribute in. Our first activity was an interview held recently with an influential person who cycled around Malaysia to raise funds for a cause. More activities will be carried out to create an experiential learning journey for our children. For the avid readers, we have a library filled with over 2,000 titles for children and adults to borrow home!


RM 40 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method : Monthly Registration Fee : RM 60 ( Welcome gift + 50% off for KiddyPass Members for same day registration after the trial lesson) Deposit : RM 160 Monthly Fee: RM160 Materials : RM 80 Class duration : 2 hours Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above. * RM 40 will be charged for trial lessons. Payment to be made before the trial lesson. * Your child will need to go through a non-obligatory assessment to determine his/her level prior to joining the lesson. Please contact us for details.