Golf for kids ( Group )

One Professional Golf Academy

Golf Outdoor Sports Preschoolers Primary
Ages 4 - 12
U 9, Shah Alam

Golf is a unique sport in that it can be just as easily played alone as with opponents. This is because the game, no matter what some of the pros would have you believe, isn’t really a competitive sport. It’s more like a study in self improvement. Life is about waking up in the morning and using what we have to make ourselves better than we were. Even if you end up as the greatest golfer in the game, you’ll always have a worthy and challenging opponent, yourself. All our classes are held in groups.


RM 70 per lesson


Once per week


Payment method: Monthly Golf T-shirt: RM 50 Duration: 1 hour Trial classes: Kindly book from the button above. *Kindly note that trial classes are paid trial classes (RM 20 )