Drum Lessons

Mahogany Musical Instrument & Courses

Mahogany Musical Drum Merdeka Preschoolers Primary
Ages 5 - 12
Bangsar Baru, Bangsar

The Drum Course is catered for both hobbyists and academic students. We teach the exam degree Syllabus for the A.B.R.S.M & Trinity College of Music, starting from Grade 1 to Diploma level. Our goal is to develop beginners to learn to be professional drum players.They would be able to play percussion sections for bands. The other basics we teach are: Control of Finger muscle, Wrist Work, Footwork on the Bass Drums, Hi-Hat, Handwork on the Snares/Toms/Cymbals all in perfect timing. Coordination of Footwork and Handwork on a full drum set. Translation of music to Natural Reading from Drum Scores. Double Bass Drum Style Hand Drums


RM 63 per lesson


45 minutes Once a week time(s) per week


Payment Method : Monthly Registration fee : RM 30 Class duration : 45 minutes Trial classes : Kindly book from the button above.