Cajon lessons for kids

Swee Lee Music Company

Cajon Music Primary
Ages 6 - 12
Taman Bandaraya, Bangsar

The Cajón, also known as Box Drum, is a similar but more mobile version of your every day drum. Originating from Peru, the Cajón is growing in popularity all around the world as a viable alternative to bulky drums, and for good reason! In this beginner's class, we aim to arm you with essential techniques to mastering this versatile instrument so that you can jam and perform with anyone, anywhere. Your child will play this instrument with purpose and focus. Team dynamics will encourage each child to actively collaborate with others to make music as a team. The drumming exercises will also foster better concentration, listening ability, communication skills, and develop both fine and gross motor skills.


RM 45 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method : Monthly (3-5 lessons a month) Registration Fee : RM60 - waived exclusively for Kiddy Pass users (valid till 31st January 2018) Class duration : 30 minutes Trial classes : Kindly drop your interest at the button above ( RM70 per session ) Class schedule: Weekdays only