Bass lessons for kids

Swee Lee Music Company

Music Bass Primary
Ages 6 - 12
Taman Bandaraya, Bangsar

Learning how to play an instrument well is no easy task. The truth is that some instruments, such as the piano, flute and violin, are difficult to learn. It can take many months or even years to learn how to play well at the most basic level. On the other hand, the bass guitar is relatively easy to learn. This is because the foundation of the instrument is learning how to play the right notes.Other instruments typically require learning complicated hand and finger placements, using all four limbs simultaneously or developing proper breathing techniques. With the bass guitar, playing is as simple as pressing down on a string with one hand while plucking it with the other.With that said, as with any other instrument, mastery of the bass guitar takes time, practice and dedication. Playing the bass guitar is a laid back experience. You only play one note at a time, and the physical movement necessary to play the instrument is minimal.


RM 45 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method : Monthly (3-5 lessons a month) Registration Fee : RM60 - waived exclusively for Kiddy Pass users (valid till 31st January 2018) Class duration : 30 minutes Trial classes : Kindly drop your interest at the button above ( RM70 per session ) Class schedule: Weekends only