Ballet for Kids

Yogaero Art Music & Dance

Dance Ballet Preschoolers
Ages 4 - 6
Taman Ehsan, Kepong

Everyone loves to dance, and we believe it’s never too early to start. If your child has expressed an interest in dance and longs for her own satin slippers and pink tutu, consider enrolling her in a beginning ballet class. Ballet promotes physical strength and agility, can boost concentration, develops an understanding of music and rhythm and generates a love of movement. Ballet is one of the most graceful forms of dance. It has been around for centuries and has produced some of the most talented and awe-inspiring performers of all time – also called Prima Ballerinas.If you watch a ballerina – not only when she’s performing, but offstage too – you will most definitely find yourself marveling at her poise and grace.Whether your child is 4 or 14, she can benefit from age-appropriate ballet instruction.


RM 20 per lesson


Once per week


Payment method: Monthly Registration fee: RM 20 Deposit: 1 month fee Duration: 45 minutes Class schedule: Weekend