Danceology Ballet Academy

Dance Ballet Toddlers Preschoolers Primary
Ages 2 - 12
Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya

Dance as an art form, encourage artistic, creativity and the active use of the imagination, and provides a unique way in which to view the world in which we live. The intrinsic values offered by dance have been well researched and documented and form an important positive contribution to a young life, imparting such life skills as personal responsibility, self knowledge, teamwork, self-discipline, confidence, creativity, the ability to problem solve and a flexible approach to learning and life. We would strongly encourage students to take part in any dance programme during their school years, as an important part of their physical and aesthetic education curriculum. Perhaps more than any other human activity, dance encompasses one’s intellect, physicality, emotions and spirituality, enabling total involvement and personal growth for the individual. As a physical activity, dance develops muscle tones, good posture, body and spatial awareness and the kinesthetic sense and increases co-ordination, mobility and flexibility, strength, use of energy, endurance and rhythmic understanding. It also improves balances, relieves stress and adds grace and fluidity to your child’s movements.


RM 75 per lesson


Once per week


Payment Method : Monthly